This warranty policy issued by TATA International Limited through its Bicycle division, (herein after referred to as “Company”) relating to its Stryder brand of bicycles and parts thereof (Product) which have been sold by the Company to its end users / buyers (herein after referred to as “Customers”) pursuant to terms of purchase and sale agreements/ any other agreements / purchase orders executed with Customers and subject to such agreement.

Company warrants each new Stryder Frame, fork and original component part of the bicycle/Product against defects in the workmanship and materials:

Component under warranty
Period of warranty
1 Frame & Fork
2 years
Tyre & Tube
6 months
Mudguard (Steel Only)
1 year
4 Rim (Steel Only)
1 year
5 Handle Bar
1 year
6 Pedal
1 year
7 Freewheel
1 year
8 Chain wheel
1 year
9 BB Axle
1 year
10 Hub
1 year
11 Chain
1 year
12 Basket (Steel Only)
1 year
13 Chain Cover (Steel Only)
1 year
14 Carrier
1 year
15 Saddle
1 year

This warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear
  • Improper assembly
  • Improper follow-up maintenance
  • Installation of components, parts or accessories not originally intended for or compatible with the bicycle/Product as sold
  • Damage or failure due to accident, misuse, abuse or neglect
  • Labour charges for part replacement or changeover

Company is not responsible for incidental or consequential damages. Any claim under this warranty must be made through an Authorized Company Retailer by producing original proof of purchase / invoice.


  • This warranty does not apply to any unit that has been abused, misused, altered by component parts substitution or used for rental or any other commercial uses, stunt riding, ramp jumping, acrobatics, bicycle moto–cross, dirt biking or similar activities as all units are not designed or intended for such purpose or usage.
  • Damage caused by an accident or malfunction or misuse caused to the Product by the acts of persons, intentional or otherwise, including but not limited to misuse or mishandling, fire or any act of God.
  • Irregular maintenance of the Product
  • Damaged or missing parts which are reported after one week from the date registered purchase.
  • Product is subject to normal wear and tear with respect to tyres, bulbs, chain and chain rings, gear, cables, pedals and handle grips etc., also corrosion, rust, stains, scratches, dents on the body or bending of frames, forks, handlebars, seat posts, seat stems, mudguards, rims, or accessories or paintwork of the Product is not covered under this warranty, unless failure or defect is a direct consequence of proven manufacturing defect.
  • All the rights of the warranty will be void and null if serial number has been altered, effaced or removed
  • This Warranty shall not apply in respect of any Product which has been tampered with, or which has undergone repair, adjustment or servicing by persons other than those authorized by Company to do so.
  • This warranty is void in its entirety by any modification of the frame, fork or components.
  • This warranty extends from the date of purchase, only to the original owner, and is not transferable.
  • Transportation, delivery, labour and handling charges incurred in the replacement of parts are not covered under this warranty, and shall be borne by the Customer.

This warranty is valid only within the geographical boundaries of Republic of India. Company reserves the right to change this warranty policy at its sole discretion without any notice.